Camping village internazionale



The well-shaded camping lots are divided into sectors for tents, caravans and camping vans, all of them equipped with electrical connection (10A).
The camping site’s exceptional position makes for a unique microclimate. Distributed among a tiered set of terraces, it sits on a rocky outcropping 60 metres above sea level, between two bays, where it enjoys a cool, fresh, sea breeze.
A good distance from the main roads and the railway line, the site offers an atmosphere of peace and quiet ideal for families, and groups of boisterous campers are advised to find other locations.
Quiet time (from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm) is to be strictly complied with. To avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings regarding our concept of peace and quiet, you are asked to read the camp regulation.

Check-in: 11.00 a.m./ 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m./8.00 p.m. The hours of silence has to be respected in strict silence from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm and from 11.30 pm to 7.30: arrivals and departures are not allowed at these times.

Standard or Sea View pitches
for campers, caravans and tents
can be booked for 6 NIGHTS at least.

FOR CAMPERS: reservation required. The access road to the camping, 250 meters extremely steep with three thight curves; it is forbidden for campers longer than 6.90 meters, for inexperienced drivers or for rented vehicles.

– FOR CARAVANS: reservation required. Only caravans with a maximum length of 6.9 m, including the towbar, can be acceppted. The Camping offers an towing service for outgoing caravans.
The service, upon reservation, is carried out at a cost of € 30.

CAR/SCOOTER RENTAL: it is possible to ask at the reception for the availability and the quotation for the RENTAL of cars or scooters for one or more days.